The Thesis of Doing Anything

DoingAnything“Find the price you must pay to achieve success and resolve to pay that price.” is good advice until you need to execute against that plan. Then you’re up a creek without a paddle.

Try these five steps instead:

Define the Goal.
Gather the Requirements.
Design the Most Effective Solution.
Break into Tasks.
Test and Deploy.

And if we’re going to be nit-picky about this list, we could even replace ‘Design the Most Effective Solution’ with ‘Design a solution you think will be highly effective’, but it doesn’t sound as sexy. Whether or not it really is will be worked out in the ‘Test and Deploy’ step.

Was I the mastermind who though these five steps up? Nope, unfortunately not. These steps have been used in the software development industry for years.

Was I the mastermind who started using this technique and applying it to everyday tasks? No again. I couldn’t tell you who started it. I literally don’t know that. I do know that it was taught to me by Walter O’Brien. Remember the television show Scorpion? Yep, that Walter O’Brien.

Is this technique widespread? No again, but this time we have the power to change that, and you’re on the cutting edge of this wave. You’re welcome. 😉 [And I do say that with my tongue firmly planted in my cheek.]

All in all, it’s a good time to get moving. Best of luck to you,
Kenn Dunham

The Loneliest Moment

If you gave upThe loneliest moment in someone’s life is when they are watching their whole world fall apart, and all they can do is stare blankly.

There are times when the world will knock you down and all you can do is spit out your newly freed teeth. To live a life of great ambition and not expect greater adversities than you could ever imagine is ridiculous. Here’s what you need to do when life knocks you down.

Stand back up. If you are knocked down seven times, get up eight times. The first rule of success is getting back up when (and not if) life knocks you down. If you don’t get back up, the adversity wins. You lose; end of story.

Assess your battle plan. You got knocked down. As hard a pill as it is to swallow, you probably had something to do with it either by direct action or a lack of preparedness. This is the time to look at what you were doing and make the changes that need to take place. What was working? Do more of that. What failed you? How can you make that better? Execute against this information as quickly as possible. It’s very likely going to feel like pulling teeth. That’s normal. Change is hard, but being mediocre is harder to live with.

Charge forward. If you were to give up right now, how much of your life’s potential would instantly vanish? How much could you have obtained? Watch it all vanish if you don’t continue to press forward. This is essentially an extension of the first step. Get in the ring. Know what to do. Do it. This is the last step because you’ll probably want to avoid failing again. Lessons are great, but it’s best to learn them on the first try.

Whatever life throws at you, know two things: there will always be more so long as your striving for great things and you can always overcome your adversities.

The Charged Life


In this age of the quantified self, we measure how many hours we slept, steps we took, calories we burned. Yet we know nothing about ourselves. We spend more time checking-in to our stats than our souls. Our experience is mined for data but not depth. We have all these numbers to improve now, but no idea how to dial back the numbness.

Life needn’t be a spreadsheet, yet our useless fascination goes on. We spend more time shopping, in considering the thread-count of our sheets before purchase, than we do soul-searching, that beautiful art of thinking about the quality and purpose of our lives.
We are addicted to the constant digital stream, often peering gape-mouthed into the sordid details of other people’s lives; in the process we have checked-out of reality, neglecting our own life so pregnant with potential and meaning.

If we are to measure and monitor and improve anything, let it be our presence and character, a mindfulness for who we are and how we are experiencing and relating with the world. Have I been true to myself? Have I lived vibrantly today? Have I loved openly today? Have I made a difference today? Let us check in to ourselves in these ways; for, in the end, these are the only measures that matter.

—Brendon Burchard, author of LIFE’S GOLDEN TICKET

Do you know that feeling when somebody says something and it just meshes with you soul in such a pleasing way? Brendon gives me that feeling almost every time he opens his mouth, but it especially held true today.Years ago, I pulled numbers and fact bits from everything and I really didn’t go very deep in my own life. I thought I was going deep, but I was just mining for more information; more stuff. You can’t live life like that. You have to do both the soul searching and the information gathering to live a full and deeply profoundly meaningful life.Before I figured out how to get where I am today, I saw the world through the cold lens of science. The more I knew, the less I believed in a higher power, whether you call that God, the Universe, or anything else, but one day a funny thing happened. I got to the point where I knew so much that I couldn’t deny the power of existence of some higher power and higher authority. The more I knew, the less I could deny.

Where are you on your path? What do you believe? Take some time out of your day and start searching for the answers from within yourself. Don’t feel like you need to have them completely answered today, but at least take steps down the path of enlightenment. Other questions may even arise. Your questions may even outweigh your answers, but don’t worry. That’s both natural and empowering.

You don’t find yourself in a place of enlightenment by looking and not asking questions! You do so by questioning everything! Begin now and never stop allowing questions to come to you. The answer may never come, but you’ll be made better by the question.

Do the Unscalable

IGetItDonet’s the things that you can’t easily automate that get you the most in both business and life. People want to know that they’re being cared for and cared about on a personal level.

You’ve got to go out and shake hands, kiss babies, and for the love of everything holy, don’t get the two mixed up. Do you want to set up a local presence somewhere? Get yourself out there and meet with every major mover, shaker, and business that you can get a hold of.

You go out and get things done. I don’t care if you’re the CEO of a major company or just starting out. People like to see that you care. It doesn’t have to have any logic behind it other than they like it. It might even be an illogical advantage for you. If you laid out the fact on the desk, there might be a more efficient way of doing things, but that doesn’t mean that people, even busy people, don’t like having time and effort being used for them.

People don’t care about what you did for them in the past nearly as much they care what you’re doing for them now. It’s a continuing game. This isn’t to say that you need to beat down their door every day for years, but you do need to keep in touch. Make sure that if there’s anything that you can do for them that you do it. Keep that relationship alive.

Whether it’s a personal relationship or a business relationship, you need strong people to back you up when you need help. It doesn’t matter if you’ve fallen on hard times or you’re trying to soar to new heights; you need strong people in your corner. Make sure they stay with you.

Get out from behind your screen and start making it happen.


There are things that will get in your way, but it is not your job to understand them. To move forward, you must know that something is happening and adjust instead of knowing why it happened. That can be used to better a plan for the future, but it won’t help you any in the present.

Some things are unpredictable especially when you add any sort of free market into the mix. I don’t care if it’s a new competitor or a changing audience base; you can’t take ‘but it changed’ to the bank. It doesn’t have any sort of value.

No excuse has any sort of value. Results have value. What results can you get for yourself and others? What builds you up for success and what results get you paid? Change doesn’t pay you anything; it’s what you do with that change that really matters.

If you’ve known me for anything more than a couple of months, then you know that one of the pillars I stand on is “it doesn’t matter why it changed. It matters that it has changed.” When you’re dealing with uncertainty, very little else matters. How are you going to deal with the change?

Is it good for you? Is it bad for you? How can you turn the change into a positive if it is hurting you? There’s always a way to change for the better. You might not always like the change, but there’s always a way.

Limiting Beliefs

FailureLook, it’s 2016 and I still hear people talk about ‘limiting beliefs’ as if it’s some sort of magical fairy dust.

“Oh, if I just believe that I’m successful, then all of the glorious bits of life will come my way!” I’m calling shenanigans. There’s no way that that actually works. It takes blood, sweat, and tears to see your dreams come to fruition.

On innumerable occasions, I’ve looked at myself in the mirror and told myself that I was going to fail and that I was going to lose everything that I hold dear to my heart. As many times as I’ve said that, I know that it’s going to be alright. Why? It’s because I’m going to get back up.

Failure is a part of life. We’re not going to get around it and achieve any sort of greatness. You need to get through the bitter parts of life to get to the fruit.

If you think that what separates you from success is your ‘limiting beliefs’ then get off of your imaginary horse and walk your way to success. Go through the hard work knowing that you could, at any second, fail miserably. It’ll push you to work harder and smarter.

Start that business that you’ve been talking about. Write the book that you’ve wanted to write. Teach the class that you know so much about. Get off your laurels and get it done.

Don’t talk about it. Do it. It’s your actions that matter; not your words. Nobody needs your ideas or your big talk. They need you to buck up and put in the work.

Nobody’s going to care about your ideas unless you can back them up, so get to work.

Hunger in Paradise

10400142_1693768994229852_4860563484589177746_n[1]Hunger in Paradise.

Success mixed with Adversity. Hard work mixed with strife. Push mixed with pull. This is what it takes to create your drive and your hunger when your back isn’t against the wall.

It isn’t the success that makes you great; it’s the hard work that you put in to become successful that makes you great. Pity to the person that inherits a million dollars who isn’t a millionaire; he shall soon be parted with it.

We’ve all seen the stories before. There’s a couple from a small town that you’ve never heard of that wins the lottery. They very quickly get more money than they think they can spend. In five years time, they’re worse off than they were before they won.

Why? They no longer had any hunger. They thought they could get anything they wanted and they were wrong. They threw caution to the wind and barreled directly into a bleak and dismal future. They didn’t think they had a reason to care.

This, of course, can be shorted by a couple of words; they didn’t think. Separate yourself from those who aren’t hungry. Put in the work. Shoot for the stars and you’ll get the hell beaten out of you. Wear these scars proudly like badges of honor.

They’ll speak for you. “Yeah, I was knocked down, but I got back up.” It’s the ‘but’ that you’re looking for. That’s where you’ll get your hunger. It stands at the intersection of being knocked down and getting back up; of pain and of pleasure.

Even when you’re back isn’t against the wall, there’s still fight in you. You just have to let it out. If you don’t you’ll have been battered and bruised for nothing. They will have won. You have to go toe to toe with the World and show them who they’re facing.